Selected post rigorous quality check of the builder and each unit customised exclusively for a fauji.

We started with 140 builders, Sorted them out on following criteria:

  Timely Delivery status

  Quality of product

  Post delivery quality

  Balance sheets (cash reserves)

  Land records

  Latest Technology usage

  Name in Industry

  Penalty to clients as good as clients rate of interest.

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Blessed Home

Blessed home is the sole essence of a happy family, the smallest unit of a prospering nation which creates triumphant leaders and heroes to shake the world. It is utmost necessary for us to get value for our hard earned money. Power of Collective bargaining and extensive research is leveraged to align industry best with unique propositions, customised for our needs. Townships with amenities like ECHS clinic, CSD, customised payment plans along with other contemporary modern facilities are the USP.